Alec Newald is a famous contactee from New Zealand. He wrote a book about his experiences, called Co-evolution. Alec Newald went missing for 10 days when he was taken to an alien planet. In this video, he recounts his life-changing experience and. One Monday in mid-February , Alec Newald departed on what should have been a three-hour flight from Rotorua to Auckland, in New.

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Alec Newald went missing for 10 days when he was taken to an alien planet. The extraterrestrials that brought Alec aboard their ship were human-like, technologically advanced and could raise their vibration with biological technology so their bodies were less dense and thus capable of space travel. They would operate it with their consciousness, which was an intrinsic part of the vehicle itself. Co-Evolution author Alec Newald reveals significant new details which his ET hosts say can be released now.

Here we publish some intriguing excerpts from his recently released book. He arrived in Auckland feeling tired and confused, but was even more confused to learn that Monday was now Thursday ten days later, and that he had no idea of what had happened in the meantime!

What he learned and experienced during his stay with these friendly beings has profound implications for all of us here on earth. Among other things, they were keen to learn what he had noticed about the capabilities of this alien race. Which is what the following information will be drawn from. Of course it is quite impossible to relay to you all the entire contents of the book itself, so I will be focusing on some newxld the events that transpired, during his Abduction and a little of what happened on his return.

When Alec did retrieve his memories of those missing ten dys, he realized his life had changed forever. Early on in that fateful trip, while driving through a foggy mountain pass, Alec was whisked from the road by beings from an extraterrestrial civilization. I do not speak here of yet to be discovered historical facts, but only of material that is already known by a select few within our communities.

The species slated for inheritance of this knowledge is known as Homo Sapiens. For your information, Homo Sapiens and the Cro-Magnon precursor species were artificially engineered! The final pieces of the Cro-Magnon jigsaw puzzle were put together approximately 70, years ago.

You may recognize this entity if I refer to it as the soul or spirit. There new species was designed to be able to take on board all nweald stored information that awaited it at nnewald time in the future. These trust holders have long since broken their vows to the givers of the knowledge, and I think that until very recently they had even forgotten the identity of their ancient benefactors. Perhaps a day of reckoning is close at hand for the trustees.

Aussie UFO fans gear up for talk from Kiwi who says he spent 10 days in an alien civilisation

The knowledge he gained from the experience is beyond any price on earth. Looking up, I realized newalc were being approached by three aliensthe tallest of them looking like my female escort from earlier on. The second one was just a little shorter and was male as far as I could hewald.

The third was smaller, much smaller, and walked ahead of the other two. He, for want of newalv better word was slightly built with a roundish head and rather unusual, squinty eyes which were well spaced and placed rather lower down than are our own.

He had a very small mouth, but I did not notice any ears or much of a nfwald. His physical appearance, however, was of almost no consequence, for I was immediately struck with an almost overpowering feeling of his presence. I cannot say it was hypnotic; if anything, the opposite. It was neaald if his energy was being projected and absorbed by my body. There is no way I could ever adequately describe this sensation to you, using mere words.


Those who have had this experience will know just what I mean! His communication with me was also much stronger and clearer than I had experienced with newalv of the others. Anything that you feel you might need to make your stay with us more pleasant, ask and I shall do my best to supply it.

He must have read my mind as he entered the room, for I had just asked about the suits. Sometimes a verbal sound message is necessary in long distance. I would hope you may desire the chance to absorb more knowledge and understanding before you make that decision.

There are things we cannot tell you at this point in time. You will understand I hope. Nevertheless, you will have the chance to acquire some considerable knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, including your own kind, before you make up your mind up on this. However, some or all of this knowledge may have to be removed from you, should you decide to leave us and return to your own planet.

Even from well alfc I could akec make out the boundaries. It stretched out in both directions, following the coastline out of my line of sight.

There seemed to be only a thin strip of land that was not coastline or desert, and the city was sandwiched within it. There could not have been much wind as it looked newaldd glasslike. I newxld make out a dark outline not too far off the coast which presumably was a deep drop off from the coastal shallows. The last thing really to make an impact upon me was the lack of tall buildings, save for the odd tower or two, and the dominance of a small nweald shapes among a few larger pyramid shaped constructions.

Hardly more than a minute had passed since we had entered the atmosphere, but now the craft had already settled. There was a mixture of apprehension and excitement within me. Would I ever see home again? Was anyone looking for me? My panic soon eased, however and curiosity won the day. I eagerly scanned the viewer for my first close look at the alien landscape.

What I could see was an area of level ground, similar to a courtyard, leading newa,d two pyramid shaped buildings. They appeared to be made from a material that looked neqald like tinted glass or semi-transparent plastic. The height of the tower added approximately twenty five percent to the buildings overall height. Each building in turn was topped with what I can only describe as a large light bulb.

Newald, Alec

As peculiar as it may sound, I was sure I had seen something like this before, in the a,ec past. These bulbs glowed day ndwald night, and upon closer inspection appeared to be of a net or mesh construction rather than being glass spheres. There appeared to be some form of electromagnetic grid or shielding device above the actual landing site, possibly a force field or energy gathering device.

There was a newakd walk to one of the large structures which I had seen from inside the craft. The air was still and amazingly quiet. The surface upon which I was walking was not unlike cork, it appeared to be porous and slightly yielding underfoot. I was at a loss as to which way to look for awhile, such was my curiosity and awe at what was around me.

Some buildings resembled those on Earthbut the outer walls were sloped back at mewald thirty-degree angles and set back some distance at each floor level, making them look more like steps up a hill.

Most of the buildings were circular or tube like in shape.

They were laid out in a spiral pattern with the tallest buildings in the centre, but the heights became progressively lower as the buildings spiraled out. All the buildings appeared to be made of glass or plastic. Access to the upper levels of the home I was staying, was by way of a gentle slopping spiral ramp which skirted the curved perimeters of the walls. This ramp could also be seen from the outside of the building. My personal observation of this feature is that it could have been a form or frame or reinforcement for the dwelling.


The rooms or, rather, the various levels were lit by some form of diffused lighting, both day and night, but I could find no direct source to explain this light. As we reached the second level, their main living area, I was stunned by the beauty and layout. No matter how hard I try here, my description cannot do it justice. The color was predominantly pearl white with perhaps a touch of silver grey within.

This may have helped remove any glare, for I can assure you there was none.

Reflected from even deeper within were newaod the colors of the rainbow, not unlike a mother of pearl seashell. The soft light I mentioned earlier appeared to radiate from everywhere.

Alec Newald — The Man Who Lived With Extraterrestrials for 10 Days » The Event Chronicle

It was as if the whole dwelling, including every item of furniture, had been constructed simultaneously. Again there appeared to be no joints or seams that I could distinguish. However this dwelling had been constructed, similar techniques to those used in the transporter must have been employed.

The floor, a smooth, padded rubber, was soft to walk on; the color, just one or two shades darker than the walls. The furniture looked to be made from the now quite familiar glass or plastic bewald. Although it was slightly tinted or smoky, all the colors of the rainbow seemed to be deep within it.

When a person was in meditation, the light level would drop and only the softer tones would come through. The central space of this room upon the second level was circular and used as akec general purpose area, including for meditation. Bedrooms as such had been made totally redundant, with meditation having entirely taken the place of sleep. Like most other items that were not made from natural newsld or grown, the car appeared to be made from a plastic like material.

Even here, there is room but nweald in my mind as to whether this plastic was laec a synthetic product of some natural substance, the like of which we do not have on earth. The reason for this doubt shall soon become apparent to you. The top half was transparent but heavily tinted, the bottom, opaque and greyish brown.

I guess you could say newale was even vaguely pyramidal in shape, but it had a squashed and stretched out look compared to a conventional pyramid. There were no wheels, and it sat a few inches above the ground, even though it was not yet in motion. If you could imagine a stealth fighter cockpit without wings, you would not be far off the mark. She was reaching over and moving a slider from side to side.

Yes, I had at least learnt to keep some thoughts to myself! Straight ahead is in the middle, sliding it to the right side will turn us right at the next available intersection. Then it will reset to the middle, awaiting the next instruction. These glasses or goggles were an event in themselves. The only way to describe how nwald were attached is to say they aldc stuck to your face of suit-covering material without any other support.