amarakosha related Sanskrit Documents in Telugu script. This index of Sanskrit Documents categorized as amarakosha is available in Devanagari, Bengali. Amara Kosam Telugu free download. AMARA KOSAM TELUGU FREE DPWNLOAD. Posted by INFINITY BHARATEEYAM at · Email ThisBlogThis!. Aurangazeb-Charitrakekkani Charitharaka Ko QUICK VIEW. Rs. · Navvedays Sarasi Cartoonlu. QUICK VIEW. Rs. Browny Telugu English Nigantuvu.

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Uganya, Please visit the following site and write to them to guide you for Tamil resources for learning Sanskrit. Hindi commentaries are available, but they are not translations of traditional commentaries in Sanskrit, they are independent ones. The fact that it has been commented upon by Buddhists like Subhutichandra, by Jainas like Telkgu and Nachiraja,and by Brahmans like Kshirasvamin, Mallinatha and Appayyadikshita testifies to its usefulness amaar every class of Sanskrit students.

Some three other poetic sounding synonyms, please! Skip to secondary content. I would like to buy Amarakosam in Malayalam or English version. I have uploaded a Malayalam commentary of Amarakosa by Kaikkulangara Rama Warrier to the following web page. Could you please upload it again.

Amara Kosam

I kowam want those books. Amarakosa also contains the gender details of all words, in addition to their synonyms. Smaskrita Bharati telugh brought out audio CD of Amarakosa.

The font used is Sanskrit regards shankara. This article has multiple issues. But Acrobat is not very good with Unicode It actually sucks, if you pardon my languageusually all text information is lost. Hello Bharateeya, Firstly thank you for your good work in spreading sanskrit.


Hope my approach is effective and efficient? The Third Kanda, Samanyadhikanda contains Adjectives, Verbs, words related to prayer and business etc. I understand that there is a book that explains the genders of nouns. Koswm there translation of this commentary in any other language like English, Hindi,… I did some search and there seem to two translation in English, the commentrators are Maheshwara, Jatarupa. Is there translation of this commentary in any kosma language like English, Hindi,….

There have been more than 40 commentaries on the Amarakosha. I need these books in Sanskrit version. Any book with detailed procedure of kundalini awakening in hindi. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The fifth and sixth verses give various names of Gautama Buddha. Link to the ,osam page online — https: Apart from providing meaning that verse describe they also give gender and other information right in the verse itself.

Amara Kosa – the Sanskrit Thesaurus with notes & index | Sanskrit eBooks

Amarasimha is said to have been one of the Navaratnas “nine gems” at the court of Chandragupta IIa Gupta king who reigned around AD Respected bharateeya sir, 1 I want sabdamanjari book for free download. Are there English translation of commentaries on Amarakosha?

Your plan to focus on 2 commentaries of Amarakosa seems good, at least for time-being. If you have book I am ready to buy. Please contact support for further assistance. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. After clicking download I am getting redirected to mediafire site but. Could you please mail me MS Word file of the Amarkosa?


You may contact them for purchasing its copy. It is really amazing that you have Amaram in Unicode.

Under the current circumstance my best option seems Pandit Visvanath Jha book. Chandrasekhar, Amaramosa Sanskrit Unicode is avialable at http: Thanks Bharateeya for the reply.

According to tradition Amarasimha was one of the nine distinguished men nava ratna of the court of King Vikramaditya 4th Century CE. Amarakosa in English would be available in almost all bookshops. Is the message I see there. PDF is very bad with Unicode. The following edition of Amarakosa with Sanskrit and Hindi commentary by Brahmananda Tripathi might be useful to you. Looks like the link is deleted. I found another commentary in hindi on Amarakosaha, the links: Link to their website is http: So I beg of you sir, could you please email me the text version.

I am amazed to see that some text information is coming out right. Skip to primary content. This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat