The Young Hitler I Knew has ratings and 34 reviews. Manny said: This book, published in by Adolf Hitler’s childhood friend August Kubizek, is fr. August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in while they were both The Young Hitler I Knew tells the story of an extraordinary friendship, and gives. Read “The Young Hitler I Knew The Memoirs of Hitler’s Childhood Friend” by August Kubizek with Rakuten Kobo. August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in while.

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Nevertheless, it would be wrong to assume that our friendship confined itself to this unilateral relationship only.

As yoyng as is known the child was the first and the only one. Hitler was self-absorbed, and he didn’t sound like much of a friend. Recounting his friends misery over money, the loss of both his parents within 2 years and his inability to attend architecture school, I got drawn in and automatically felt sympathy. Now whatevidence have we of Hitler’s life and character in those crucial years?

Would you like us to take another look at this review? In Kubizek moved to Vienna and shared a room with Hitler at 29 Stumpergasse. Hitier hated mathematics because it was too dry and required hard, systematic work.

August Kubizek

Rather, this was the outcome of his general attitude of sharing in all uagust things that were of concern to me. When the fourteen-year-old son saw his dead father he burst out into uncontrollable weeping. It was the same when he was young.

He did not consider thatany particular work, a “bread-and-butter job” as he called it, was necessary for him. To devote his life to the arts was, in my opinion, the greatest resolution that a young kubozek could take; for secretly I, too, played with the idea of exchanging the dusty and noisy upholsterer’s workshop for the pure and lofty fields of art, to give my life to music. When the work kenw done my father sent me to deliver them to the theatre.


What I remember still is the enchantment which came over me as I stood there on the stage, in the midst of the singers.

Full text of “The Young Hitler I knew”

August KubizekAdolf Hitler. It was imperative to be on one’s guard! Hitler moved out of the flat in November, without leaving a forwarding address; Kubizek did not meet his friend again until A Carpet of Jacaranda.

Hitler Was My Friend. His love of nature was pronounced, but in a very personal way. This is the first edition to be published in English since and it corrects many changes made for reasons of political correctness. He got enormous amusement out of imitating me and insisted that with my blown-out cheeks I looked like one of Rubens’ angels. August started his work life as his father’s apprentice in the upholstery business but his passion is for music.

Alois Schicklgruber had been a customs official in Braunau for many years.

A littie incident stands out in my memory. Diary of a Man in Despair. Oct 30, Sharon Zink rated it really liked it. Sometimes Adolf would try out his powers of oratory on me or on others. I had nothing in common with his former classmate, I had nothing to do with the civil service and I lived entirely for art. The two talked for hours, Hitler seeming no different than he had as a boy. On April 8,after thirty years of separation, he met Hitier again, and the FiJhrer, who had just annexed Austria to the Reich, suggested to his former friend that he should resume, under his powerful patronage, a musical career; but Kubizek declined the offer and although he was sometimes taken by Hitler to the Wagner Festival atBayreuth, never sought to profit by his former friendship.

This fervent devotion to the German people gave him a firm foundation for the rest of his life.

The Young Hitler I Knew by Kubizek, August

One would visit well-to-do homes, one saw and heard a aguust and, above all, in winter there was littie or nothing to do. So he started to sulk and let things drift. Sometimes when he soared too high in his fantasies I couldn’t help suspecting that all this was nothing but an exercise in oratory.


I leave it to the experts to give the final verdict.

The Young Hitler I Knew

According to this, the forty-two-year-old servant maid Anna Maria Schicklgrubergave birth to a son on J uly 7,who was christened Alois. The expression of the hotler is penetrating and incorruptible, the eyes of a man who, as a customs official, is obliged to view everything with suspicion.

My friend had a special way of making nature serve him. The man’s face is impressive. His “dear friend Gustl” was at Hitler’s side throughout his decision to leave school, attempts to get into the art and architecture schools in Vienna, the death of his beloved mother and his rapid descent into poverty. Hotler appears to write with genuine rose tainted reminiscence regarding – what he calls – his dear old friend, Hitler. Chapter 14 Come with Me Gustl.

The account may sometimes be romanticised, but not, I think, much, or more than is legitimate and indeed inevitable in the recollections of youth. And again when the second wife fell gravely ill and died, Klara, the third, was already expecting a child of his. Kubizek was Hitler’s best friend for about four years, and they shared lodgings in Vienna for several months. I think it’s safe to say one can know little about Adolf Hitler without having read this book.

It was a supernatural force, comparable to a motor driving a thousand wheels. As far as I can remember, his illness was actually some lung trouble.