Blood Matters: From Inherited Illness to Designer Babies, How the World and I Found Ourselves in the Future of the Gene. Masha Gessen. Review: Blood Matters: A Journey Along the Genetic Frontier by Masha GessenHilary Rose finds hope and caution in a thoughtful survey of. Aged 37, a seemingly healthy Masha Gessen is advised to cut off her breasts and remove her ovaries. Living in the shadow of her mother’s.

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She also includes chapters on families with a wide variety of genetic diseases and information on the current science of preventing and dealing with these diseases.

Topics Science and nature books. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. In such tough situations we all have to find how to make such a decision.

Early on she discusses the increased probability of gfssen through her own ethnic identity as an Ashkenazi Jew. At times this book could be tedious. Born into an Ashkenazi Jewish family in Russia, in she moved with her family to the United States, returning in to Moscow, where she worked as a journalist. The author examines ever advancing world of genetics.

It is easy to read because it feels like you’re working with a friendc to work through some personal issues, but a lot of the scientific evidenceis right there and researched for you. I was afraid the book would be nothing more than a gnashing of teeth and self pity. But I did like that the author not only focused on her own breast cancer gene mutation, but also on other gene mutations, as well, and how they are being treated.


What did this mean for the rest of her family? And it helps us come to terms with gesssen radical transformation that genetic information is engineering in our most basic sense of who we are and what we might become. Can her embodied identity as a woman cope with radical mastectomy?

Blood Matters: A Journey Along the Genetic Frontier by Masha Gessen

And with stem-cell debate and religion mixed up in genetics in the U. As this is a memoir and a layman’s introduction to genetics and the human genome, I am reminded fondly of Mathers Gould’s book on calico genetics, Cats Are Not Peas.

She is quite mean but mostly keeps the bite under wraps.

There is a chilling moment when the one adviser who does agree that surveillance can be effective expresses strong doubts whether any insurance company would cover treatment. Very light smokers can have the pleasure without the risk of lung cancer.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Sarah Steed rated it really liked it Aug 07, Sep 08, Josie rated it liked it. And sometimes she is waxes poetically eloquent, like here when she is talking about Dor Yeshorim’s testing of potential marriage mates: Sep 26, Laura Gilbert rated it liked it.

You can get your science, educational and personal journey fix all in one book. Matteds by Masha Gessen.

Bred in the genes

Blood Matters is broken massha three parts: Super interesting and well written if you can get past the first few pages. Gessen is of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, bkood this group has been particularly afflicted with hereditary disease; this seems particularly poignant since the topic of genetic testing immediately brings up distasteful connotations of eugenicism and Nazi thinking.


Mar 07, L rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was so good, it hurt my head. Lisa rated it really liked it Feb 04, Aug 02, Pilar rated it it was ok. She lauds the clinicians who work with Amish and Mennonite groups in Pennsylvania, developing diets to stave off the worse effects of inherited metabolic diseases. I found it to be a very interesting book that raises a lot of questions about the implications of genetic testing.

There was a problem adding your email bllood. Just my opinion of course.

Blood Matters by Masha Gessen

This book is sort of dumb about genetics poor understanding of evolution being the main problem even while it is appropriately skeptical about connections between genes and behavior and put off by the personalities of scientists.

For Gessen this confirms the advice of the clinicians, and she opts for a double mastectomy. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. As she wrestled with a wrenching personal decision—what to do with such knowledge—Gessen explored the landscape of this brave new world, speaking with others like her and with experts including medical researchers, historians, and religious thinkers.