The complete series list for – Deadworld J.N. Duncan. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time. Deadworld (Deadworld, book 1) by J N Duncan – book cover, description, publication history. Duncan debuts in a crowded subgenre, employing the now-requisite urban fantasy trappings of kickbutt heroine, vampires evil and redeemed.

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Jackie as the tough cop and Laurel as the softer dnucan in her life. Shelby Fontaine was brought over by Nick in the s when she lay bleeding out.

Early Review: Deadworld by J.N. Duncan

This behavior has finally escalated to the point that her partner, Laurel, has had enough. But still this one just wasn’t for me. In a way, he was the antithesis of Jackie even though he had his own dark and troubled past and a very real threat in the present. She could sense the voice of all things. Feb 01, Marsha rated it liked it Recommends it for: Jackie Rutledge is carrying around a lot of baggage.

In all honesty, there was really no reason for me to buy this book, but since I had connected with the author through Twitter, I wanted to support him. I found the writing to be a bit over worded and the pace was slower then I would have liked it to be. Nick Anderson can giveā€”even if that includes the impish ghost and sexy vampire who make up his team.


But her latest murder case is what recurring nightmares are m Originally posted at http: After Jackie realizes she failed to save her partner and best friend, she goes on a drinking binge, which leads to a late-night BDSM scene gone horribly wrong and leaves her partially reliving a scene from her childhood, only in the place of her mother with her stepfather beating her.

I did find a couple of scenes with Nick to be very bittersweet, I deadworpd imagine having to make a tough decision like he did for the person he loved twice. But her latest murder case is what recurring nightmares are made of. Laurel senses that something is off about the murder scene.

Endings can be positive or negative and a mix of both. The first in the paranormal romantic fantasy series, Deadworld, set in modern-day Chicago. View all 10 comments. I did like the character of Jackie, for the most part; she is such a drama queen.

Writing in the Dark | Author Blog for writer J.N. Duncan

It deadwrold an interesting mix of a police drama and an urban fantasy book First I have to start off by saying that I probably wouldn’t have read this book if not for my book club picking it as a group read, just because I had never heard of it. Her history and body count eeadworld never make the Police Academy Training Manual, but Martin is okay with this.

I think many readers might find it difficult to really connect with Deadworld’s protagonist, Jackie.


It’s like he’s going through the motions because it’s part of the outline for the story. This story doesn’t know what it wants to be. If Jackie and Laurel hadn’t arrived on the scene then what would he have done? I for one can’t wait for the next release in the series. She is not above believing in strange th Great Book!! The narrative is tedious and the meandering plot developed far too slowly, causing me to lost interest.

Apr 18, AH rated it liked it Shelves: That I can’t say, but I probly will if for nothing else than to see if the author improved and grew as a writer. Aug 18, Michelle Greathouse rated it it was ok.

The voice was a glimmer, a ghost, there but not, something one could only catch out of the corner of their eye but not if you looked directly at it. Sometimes the situation is so untenable that death is the deadworle possible outcome. Nick Anderson can give–even if that includes the impish ghost and sexy vampire who make up his team.

Duncan puts on vampires to be interesting I also suspect that ducnan author was a fan of the old World of Darkness setting and enjoyable. However, a story generates expectations.