Find great deals for Denon DVD DVD Player. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Denon DVD DVD-Player. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I have nothing to say against this player. In the benchmark Oppo may score better in video quality but in overall performance denon is must a winner.

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You either were straining to hear the dialogue or shaking the walls when there was an explosion.

Denon DVD DVD-Player | eBay

To turn on the HDMI output, it happens, you must re-read the entire manual twice — once to verify that you haven’t missed a conspicuous step on account of your own haste, and a second time to find, in four-point type, the words “Upon Purchase” next to the place on page twenty-nine where the manual describes how to toggle-off the only video output that anybody on the planet ever uses. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Oppo certainly has a lot of friends in the amateur review literature, and it deserves them. I’ve always used the “cinema” presets on my Panasonic TH50 plasma, designed to suffuse the image in that faint hint of gauzy, cellulosy blush we’ve instinctually come to expect from our movie-going experience.

Wireless Speakers Home Products home theatre speakers components. It arrived at my home in like new condition.

The price drop makes Denon a real bargain. I warn you not to respond casually: Feb 7 – 7: Denon has further developed its proprietary AL24 Processiing, an analog waveform reproduction technology, to support the kHz sampling frequency of DVD-Audio.

It plays personal backups better than the Oppo, but not as well as the Sony.

Moreover, the act of toggling the HDMI output to the common-sense “on” position isn’t even available, after having invested all this time and frustration into discovering the problem there. Inclusion of the SACD function only sweetens the deal as I’m still grieving over the failure of this superb audio format.


Again, we might blame denn on the house.

Then again, I would seem to be the only person to have noticed that our most frequently-used piece of consumer electronics is also the one we can’t try before we buy it, and once we do buy it we can’t get rid of for two whole years at a time — so I suppose when it comes to consumer advocacy I’ve got bigger fish to fry than clamoring for an occasional double-blind experiment to see if anybody can read their owners’ manuals.

The picture quality is very strong, better than any other DVD player I’ve ever had, and there have been many.

I know most of you will be using more modern screens so I will leave it at that. And it performs, for me anyway. By some bizarre logic, the same company that produces media I can’t take with me anywhere, also produces the machines that will play any grunge-copied backup of some one-dollar Malaysian ripoff, without so much as hesitating at the dual layer-break. But with past machines this effort has, unbeknownst to me, been actively canceled by those other players’ tenacious insistence on bludgeoning every last black pixel until it has bled its last drop of black into the outlines of the figures on the screen.

After about an hour of experimentation with several tricky source materials the opening battle scene of Star Wars Episode III is an especially good pace-putter-throughermy summative impression was of a unit whose picture personality could be almost infinitely toyed and teased and prodded until everything was just so, and whose sound quality manifestly could not.

JPEG photo playback, auto power off, on-screen display, progressive scanning. These images are cleaner than Mr Sheen’s dwnon table, so the natural detail really shines through.

They were classy about everything, and in hindsight it shames me that I tacked so hard-negative about my initial experiences with a scrappy little company that’s doing a heck of a job competing with the big boys.


Blu-ray Players by Ty Pendlebury Jun 7, The remote control is massive, which makes it awkward to hold at times, but button placement and labelling are spot-on. I’m not fond of any remote controls, so I wish there were menu navigation buttons on the front panel. The only issue that I’ve had a few times in three years with the is if I turn the player 29300 after being off, but still plugged in and on stand-by with a disc having been left in the player, it will stay on “loading” forever, and I have to actually unplug it to wake it up out of this mode.

Denon DVD 2930 Cl DVD Players

Don’t see what you’re looking for? This product is for persons whom want to watch standard dvd movies that look as close to blu ray dvds as possible.

The deck’s high-powered components generate some of the most amazing pictures we’ve seen at this price. The trouble began with the fact that, for reasons apparent only to the manufacturer, the Denon DVDci is shipped from the factory with the HDMI output completely disabled. It’s an adequate if not thrilling music machine; its access-speed and menu functionality are both well above average; it puts out a great and easily adjustable picture. The chip’s Hollywood Quality Processing handles scaling and deinterlacing duties, offering true p reconstruction of HD film sources using cadence detection, plus a Multi-Direction Diagonal Filter MDDF to reduce jaggies caused by the deinterlacing process.

On a decent plasma display or projector, you can make out fine details and different shades of black amid the shadows of the Fortress of Solitude, for example, which lends the image a truly cinematic feel. View Cart Proceed to checkout.