Annamayya Keerthana – Deva Devam Bhaje Lyrics in Telugu: దేవ దేవం భజే దివ్యప్రభావమ్ | రావణాసురవైరి రణపుంగవమ్ ||. రాజవరశేఖరం. Deva Devam Bhaje Song Lyrics(Atharintiki Daaredi): Deva Devam Bhaje Divya Prabhavam Ravanasura Vairi Ranapungavam. Deva Devam Bhaje Annamacharya Krithi lyrics. Deva devam bhaje divya prabhavam. ravanasura vairi rana pungavam. Raja vara sekharam.

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He says that the world is fortunate to praise them.

You are the supreme God and your consort is supreme Goddess. It is beyond my capacity to praise you both. You both resemble the moon and moon light You both are like flower and its fragrance. She adorns your chest. Your heart is the birth place of Manmatha.

It has become her royal abode in all grandeur. You both are like milky-ocean and its purity. You are like gold and its lustre.

Deva devam – Atharintiki daredi – Lyrics and Music by devi sri prasad arranged by DVibez | Smule

bhajs She is the embodiment of all virtues and she is the wealth of the universe. Truly your consort is your real wealth. She is the Mother of Creation She is like a bracelet on your wrist. Oh Venkatesa,she is the most fascinating woman. When she joins you, the whole universe shines. Oh Lord, preserve the flowers that I placed on your feet while worshipping.


Deva Devam Bhaje Ms Subbulakshmi With Lyrics Mp3 songs – Leslie Da Bass

After all the flowers are your creation only. One devotional song is enough to protect us. Let the remaining songs be in your custody. Your name bestows all satisfaction. It is not costly but its fruits are many. You are my only prop. These songs are my limitless treasure.

You remained on my tongue and inspired me to sing your praise. You are Lord Vishnu with thousand names. What am I after all to sing your praise? Oh Lord, you bestowed me punyam piety abundantly. My writing is not out of pride.

I only extolled your glory. I did’t do all this on my own. My disciplined life enabled me to sing. Please don’t find fault with me.

Oh Madhava, I am your servant. You are Sree Venkateswara.

Worship the Lord of all Gods. He is the enemy of the demon king Ravana. He is the most eminent king. He is the moon of the Sun dynasty. He is very handsome with perfect body.


He wields the bow of Parasurama the enemy nhaje Kshatriya clan. His eyes resemle a lotus. His navel is like lotus. Garuda the destroyer of serpents is his vehicle.

He established Dharma He is the lord of Sita the daughter of the earth. He majestically reclines on Adi Sesha. He is adored by Brahma seated on lotus. He is the supreme Narayana. He lifted the invincible bow of Janaka which was obtained from Siva. He conqured Lyeics and comforted Vibheeshana.

He is Venkatesa who is worshipped by sages and learned.