Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from . Domenico Carlo Maria Dragonetti (7 April – 16 April ) was an Italian double bass . “Ever since the publication by Leduc () of [the concerto in A major] there has been a question concerning its true authorship. It is now generally. “The Dragonetti Concerto (secretly by Edouard Nanny) is one of the most popular pieces in the student bassist’s repertoire. It’s a fun romp across the positions.

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But probably there will be someone who will use better ones.

Domenico Dragonetti – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. To this day, the mastering of the Beethoven double bass symphonic parts are considered a basic standard for all orchestral double bass players. Surely, none would have bought a Nanny Concerto in A major. I stop here and I personally thank Mrs Fiona Palmer for her incredible efforts.

A hand endowed with five fingers so long, big and agile, that all five, including the bent thumb, go up and down the fingerboard each playing a note. Ubaldo Fioravanti has recorded some of them in his Cd.

It’s on the market as you can see and the marvellous Doblinger has in his main catalogue also another version one with strings. But after comparison the different works a double bass had to be three meters high With the name of Dragonetti the Concerto was very different for the market.

There’s no comparison with the Nanny’s one who can be considered at five levels under the original one in matter of beautyness and difficulty: Dragonetti was not more remarkable for his astounding execution than for the deep, genuine musical feeling which elevated and ennobled it. So, the motives could be very different. InJoseph Haydn accepted a lucrative offer from German impresario Johann Peter Salomon to visit England and conduct new symphonies with large orchestras.


Javascript is disable – http: The story conerto he kept and often traveled with a collection of life-sized cloth mannequins, bringing them to his concerts and having them placed in front row seats of theaters, and even introducing one of these dolls as his wife, is completely unsubstantiated. Palmer doesn’t kill me for copyright!!! We don’ t have a “fixed date” to say: Perhaps under the name of Dragonetti it was much drqgonetti.

Dragonetti had no close family, but had many close friends in the musical world in London. He was offered another position to ln Tsar of Russia, which he declined after the procurators of St Mark increased his salary to an exceptional 50 ducats. The premiere of this work, as well as of Beethoven’s seventh symphony was performed on 8 December in the University’s Festsaal, with Dragonetti leading the double basses.

Let’s see the 12 waltz, the other complete musics. He finally joined the institution on 13 September as the last of the five double bass players of the Chapel with a yearly income of 25 ducats. Berenzi, who suggests that the instrument may have been made for the monks of St Peter’s, Vicenza, by Gasparo da Salo, and acquired by the procurators of St Mark’s to entice Dragonetti to remain in their employ.

Category:Dragonetti, Domenico – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Where to find it. He soon became the principal bassist. At the age of thirteen, Dragonetti was appointed principal player at the Opera Buffa in Venice. His ability on the instrument also demonstrated the relevance of writing scores for the double bass in the orchestra separate from that of the cellowhich was the common rule at the time.



Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from Sankey. Questo sito utilizza i cookie. Probably personal interests IMC Another trip was therefore scheduled in He became very famous at the time, started playing solo pieces, which was exceptional at the time for the double bass, and even got elected as of the directors of a musical festival held for the coming of fourteen sovereign princes to the republic of Venice.

It’s easy to find it. I haved add my fingerings and bowings which are more logical for this Concerto. By that time he had become notable throughout Europe and had turned down several opportunities, including offers from the Tsar of Russia. He was soon noticed by Doretti, a violinist and composer of ball music, who took him along for public performance in Venice.

Dragonetti came back to Vienna for an extensive stay in Liben Publishers,piano score p. Continuando la navigazione, accetti la nostra Informativa sui cookie.