Durst M Photo Enlarger in very good condition. | eBay!. Durst M Questions · kitsaplorax am, 17 February Two of my friends found a complete darkroom in the “freebies” section of Craiglist, bundled all of. Durst M / Classic Enlarger Enlargers user reviews: out of 5 – 2 (This review is for an old M with a plain old incandescent enlarging bulb.).

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Durst Enlarger | eBay

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Two of my friends found a complete darkroom in the “freebies” section of Craiglist, bundled all of it into their truck and delivered it to my shop last week. The first item out of the box was a Kinderman 35mm developing tank that holds 2 35mm reels. There are some trays which probably need replacing and a very old yellow box with a tin of Hypo Clear in it, unopened.

Durst Enlarger

The enlarger is complete with all of its bits and manual, there is a Premier Print Dryer in good shape, and I have everything else but a safelight and a new bulb for the enlarger. Will probably use an LED as it will create a lot less heat to worry about.

What thread size enlarging lenses does this use? The enlarger has no provision for using multi-grade filters. Is there a retro-fit kit available, or do I just have to stick with graded papers?

Get a 75w PH enlarging bulb. Dhrst enlarger is rated for up to a w bulb, so don’t worry about a 75w bulb. The problem with LED bulbs is the color spectrum is not always even, so your VC paper may not grade properly. Also the bulb has to illuminate from the side. The LED bulb that I’ve seen when viewed from the side, half the round part is a solid piece of plastic. The LED bulb will only work where you use the top of the bulb to illuminate. Read the manual to vertically position the bulb.

  EXR 1512 PDF

Lens is standard 39mm Leica lens thread. LOTS of good lenses out there now at great prices, just be patient and you will find some great deals. There is a filter drawer in the head.

Durst M 600/605 Classic Enlarger Enlargers

Lift up on the horizontal bar on the front of the head, a small door will slide upwards, and the filter drawer is behind that. The negative carrier is a funky design. There is a glass plate or a mask on the carrier, and the top is the bottom of the condenser lens in the head. Easy to use, just different if you are used to the sandwich style negative carriers. On an OLD enlarger you should take it apart and clean out the dust and dirt, and where necessary clean and relube the moving shafts.

I used lithium grease from Ace Hardware. But be very careful to NOT lube where you should not. Also be very careful of that mirror.

I think it is a front surfaced mirror, if so it is VERY easy to scratch. Edited by kitsaplorax member 4 years ago.


I found that hot clean water with microfiber rurst are the perfect tools for everything but the lenses. I found an Iscorit 75mm lens on a Sixpla mount. After finding the manual, I learned I have to use a bare bulb with the enlarger head I have. Found a Kelvin bulb 90 watts in local hardware store. Seems to be a good fit.

The column moves smoothly, so I am not going to lubricate it. Had to cut down a set of Ilford filters for the durzt drawer, which took less than 5 minutes. Ideally you use a PH photo bulb.

The reason is the diffusion of the bulb is more even on photo bulbs than on “household” bulbs. Only when photo bulbs are not available, would I use non-photo bulbs. This is especially so if the diffusion glass is not in the head. As for the bulb wattage. I found that even 75 watts was many times too much light. I have no idea what an Iscorit lens is. Their prices are really good on eBay if you are patient, so I would not bother with 3rd tier lenses.

I completely rebuilt my lens kit, replacing my old 3rd tier lenses with El-Nikkor lenses. Even if the column moves smoothly, clean it.