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This study investigated whether spiritual learning impacts the lives of adult learners in martial arts educational programs.

With a male, adult subject, this study measured the punch force and kick filety;e of the Japanese martial art Nihon-Kempo, the movements of the dominant right arm, leg, and the movements of the legs using timed synchronization. Measures included fighting stance, win percentage and an ordinal measure of skill based on number of fights.

The program does, however, induce alterations in moral decision-making ability associated with the observed endocrine responses, even suggesting a potential interaction between one’s social identities and endocrine responses upon moral decision-making. Additionally, the overall dropout rate was extremely low suggesting both that the elderly are capable of participating in a hard martial art kaat that they have an interest in it as a viable alternative to other forms of exercise.

Analysis of injury types for mixed martial arts athletes. Search terms included “MMA,” “mixed martial arts ,” “injury,” “scan,” “X-ray,” “fracture,” and “break. The incidence of injury in combat sports has not been adequately reported although it is important to identify the nature and frequency of injuries prior to the implementation of prevention programs.

martial arts program: Topics by

Both conditional and unconditional logistic regression models were used to assess risk factors for injury. The present study investigated peripheral vision PV and perceptual asymmetries in young and older martial arts athletes judo and karate athletes and compared their performance with that of young and older nonathletes. Sixteen healthy, nonsmoker individuals who were martial arts practitioners for last 5 15 years, aged The study was composed of 48 martial arts practitioners and 90 non-practitioners adolescents of both sexes, with an average age of Inclusion of people with disabilities through fights and martial arts.

There are no systematic reviews of newspaper or media accounts of fights to assess rates and numbers of injuries or mortality. Injuries by body region reflect the specific techniques and rules of the martial art.


ESPDIC search results / serĉrezultoj

Focusing on the taijiquan-Daoism-Zhang Sanfeng nexus, it traces the wrapping of a martial art in indigenous religious garb during the periods of Kitsu rule, Japanese occupation, and post-Mao 21st century.

This study assesses the influence of martial arts training that incorporates a philosophy of life along with strict discipline.

Viletype aim of this study is to examine the relationship between the regular practice of martial arts and cognitive and personality factors, such as: Their heights were measured using a stadiometer. Full Text Available This paper uses documentary research techniques to analyse the use of kata, jitsy, in the Japanese martial arts.

Based on kwta years of fieldwork and over interviews, we analyze mixed martial arts fighters’ fears, how they managed them, and how they adopted intimidating personas to evoke fear in opponents.

The aim is to score better than your opponent or to win. Multiple linear regression was used to obtain the relationship between vertical jump height and explanatory variables with gender effect. This paper describes efforts at one elementary school to filwtype some of the needs of at-risk students.

We conclude that martial arts practice influences postural reaction control during a fixed-support strategy in a tandem task. Therefore, the aim of this systematic review was to summarise the latest research findings and to evaluate whether initial recommendations can be given for the reduction of injuries in the martial arts judo, wrestling and taekwondo. Previous research has indicated that training in the martial arts leads to a reduction in levels of hostility.

The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence of injury in professional MMA fighters. This combat sport joins athletes from a wide variety of martial art disciplines, each with characteristic and distinguishing injury profiles, together in competition. Analysis of covariance was used to compare bone mineral density values according to control and martial arts groups, controlled by sex, chronological age, previous practice jitdu somatic maturation.

Results provide a foundation for potential bi with a focus on falls, the use of weapons, participation in tournaments, as well as head and neck trauma. Martial arts striking hand peak acceleration, accuracy and consistency. Joint action syntax in Japanese martial arts.

This paper explores the philosophical and theoretical concepts upon which Asian martial arts disciplines are founded, and provides ample research to reveal that martial arts as practiced in Eastern tradition de-emphasize violence, competition, and combat.


After the completion of the training programsignificant increase for about 1. Striking-predominant disciplines such as boxing, karate, and Muay Thai have high rates of head and facial injuries, whereas submission-predominant disciplines such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and wrestling have high rates of joint injuries.

Popularly known jitus the “hometown of Chinese martial arts ,” Dengfeng is home to 48 registered martial arts schools and more than 70, full-time students. With advanced level jitu training the likelihood of developing chronic upper extremity symptoms increases, and multiple surgeries were required. Bibliometric analysis of martial arts monographs published in Spain Not all types of motion analysis systems used in sport are suitable for combat sports and martial arts.

Participants were Malaysian undergraduate students whose ages ranged from 18 to 24 years old.

ESPDIC search results / serĉrezultoj

Similar injury in association with Aikido has not been described in the English literature previously. This investigation focused on examining Ikkyo with the purpose of describing the nerves, bones, and muscles involved in receiving this technique.

The Early Childhood Longitudinal Study used a multistage probability sampling design to gather a sample f of U. The analyses not only fail to reject the null hypothesis, but also render unlikely a population. During the SRT and CRT tasks the martial artists were no quicker in lifting their hand off a button in response to the stimulus [reaction time RT ] but were significantly faster in moving to press another button [movement time MT ].

High prevalence of injuries in Wushu competition during the 1″ Asian MartialArts Games revealedfemale injuries were higher than male and had a higher prevalence compared with Muay Thai or Taekwondo competitions. To that end, the paper makes a number of proposals for instructors and practitioners interested in developing such inclusive environments in their own clubs and training settings.

Associated with aging is a loss of muscular strength, flexibility, and coordination.