The XLE is a simplified version of the XLD Standard where the following features have been removed: Digitrim sheet function. Highly accurate wide format X/Y cutter designed for high performance. The Fotoba Dreamcut XLD digital cutter offers an automatic print finishing solution for. XL TJOL automatic cutter,automatic cutters,fotoba cutters,automatic paper cutters, flatbed cutters,digital flatbed cutter,sharpcut flatbed cutters,digital cutters,paper.

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If the printer fails to print parallel to the media edge, or if the printer fails to wind up the roll squarely, the XLD will always produce squarefinished posters. JHF high quality, high xxl inks are environmently friendly and odourless. Sean Greer, Midcomp Group marketing director, said, ‘This was an awesome show – the general interest in our products and services shows a definite upturn in the market compared to last year.

Sign & Digital Graphics – September ’16

Ideal for trimming multiple tiles of single images for side by side, it follows the image with an accuracy of 0,06mm 0, in. Power Supply Required Space. The XLF is the ideal companion for all the new fast flatbed printers. The units can handle numerous tyoes of media with a maximum thickness of 0.

One sheet with 3 images xcm 40x55in trimmed in 32 seconds. The Automatic Alignment Table receives the printed page from the printer and feeds it correctly into the cutter. Even if the prints are not parallel to the web edge, or the roll is not wound straight, the cutter will follow the image without any mistakes. Special version cl enable a Perfect vertical cut.


Single or Double Slitting Units. Buyers were very optimistic. Also showcased was a range of other HP Latex machines including the, and models. The software and the slicing units manual positioning system allow an easy handling of different sized formats within the same roll. Regardless of any slight misalignment, when paper is introduced into the Digitrim, fotooba cutter will automatically re-align itself to the image side!

Regardless of any feed misalignment, the XLD will automatically re-align itself to the edge of the printed image. These cutters can handle numerous types of media with a maximum thickness of 0. Easy to use movable control panel.

XL TJOL Automatic Cutter

The machine also produces durable technical documents up to You can download it from our web site. The HP PageWide XL printer, which enables the user to consolidate monochrome and colour, with technical document quality in a system built for security. Fotoba Digitrim Auto Squaring Cutter. It is simple and easy to load Resulting in better workflow, utilizing less production space and most importantly, your delivery promises can be kept.

Even if the prints are not parallel to the web edge, or the roll is not wound square, the cutter will follow the image or the media edge and compensate for print prodction inaccuracies.


Fotobba for trimming multiple tiles of single imagesfor side by side application.

SharpCut Vision Registration System. Most printing devices have the capability to create Cut Marks automatically.

Simple or double slicing units. Our fotob capture doubled this year and we did a fair amount of business both on the booth and during the days following the show.

Colex Fotoba Dreamcut XLD

The cutter can handle up to 4 vertical cuts patent pending at the same time. The Digitrim features the ability to sense cut marks placed between multiple digital images, printed or exposed simultaneously on single pages or rolls of digital media.

It follows the image with an fooba of 0,06m 0,in. A maximum of 8 motorized cutting units optional can be easily positioned anywhere across the width, cutting the media vertically. The HP Latex The Wide Rollcut 64 S series has the ability to cut both X and Y axis providing the fastest finish of posters printed in rolls, transport speed up to 18 meters per minute.

Re-printing because of damaged prints down the line in the finishing operation is now completely eliminated. Customers are starting to think outside the box and about where they can add value for their clients.