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Of course the guitar she plays may have a part in it. One is from a site in Iceland. The same with Koyunbaba.

Gran Jota – Tarrega – really music – Classical Guitar

This winter I studied the Jota with the intention of playing it at the beach this summer but frankly just got bored with it – so much hard work and daily maintenance for But I found accidentally on the Internet an interpretation sorry, I don’t know who performs that I enjoy listening each time.

Two new players for me. I was unaware of that one. Sometimes the defence of a piece helps you to get a clear idea of its positive aspects and we accomplished this. I wasn’t familiar with her.

Jofa anyone interested they might find this link if it is allowed to bran of interest. The music needs to sound almost as an improvisation.

tarrega gran jota – Classical Guitar

Ill start a Topic! The last being Sueno in la floresta.

Thanks for Kyuhee Park. Classical Guitar Skip to content. Been at YT and checked out a variety of players doing this piece and none come close. I went back and listened to some of her Barrios pieces. My final analysis is this: Look at a Kyuhee Park video and see how her guitar seems so large.


I know there is another version by Tarrega of this piece but I don’t have the score to compare. If Owl or Dedosrapidos ah – got it right are indeed interested in other types of discussion I think we are allowed to do it in the Delcamp Cafe are we not?

The proposal of its existence serves to explain the rate of expansion of the universe among other things. Well if it wasn’t for the leaning your head on your right hand or smoking a cigar so that the folks can see what’s going on, what would there be? She has been one of my guitar heros for a long time. Actually, York’s Sunburst, i think, exhibits that same exhilaration, only a hundred or so year’s later. A thought came to mind that the guitar was scaled down for her age and size.

Also, I’m guessing the harmonics at 7: I’m glad someone agrees with me but I hope there is also someone who doesn’t. Paganini music for guitar always sounded boring to me, until I’ve listened to some of them with Pavel Steidl.

I think we have put it in its muscally rightful place. I’m currently studying it, that’s how I found this thread. The more I discuss the more I realise jta things just are not what they seem.

The other is from a site that is blocked. The one I meant to post is this one. And as usual I am so humbled. I also listened to some not all interpretations of pieces with “greater musical value” forgive my little irony which didn’t appealed to me so much as to listen to them again. Li Jie is a close second. I don’t play it, I’m a long way from having the technical capability but I do like the upbeat happy sound it produces. Her Barrios is pretty neat too.


Classical Guitar

Then there is the fife and drum tambora stuff. Do women just play this better than men? Discussion can be so stimulating. I was reading all your comments on this piece grna doing a topic search and decided to write some highly provocative but sincere comments.

I totally researched it for like 2 hard hours It isnt all that confusing really.

The capricio stuns me with it’s emotional depth Jjota example, Lie Jie’s Gran Jota is nice, clear, balanced and Besides Pavel Steidl, another player that comes to my mind for this stuff is Aniello Desiderio. I never heard of her before. Personally I am very fond of Tarrega. Anyway, it is now confession time, and I have to admit that I did get a lot of fun out of doing the Jota, and I did give a sneak preview of it to the bar owner at the beach with great success.

Im glad youre here