Read “Illumination Rounds from Dispatches” by Michael Herr with Rakuten Kobo. Fresh in his boots and three days in-country, Michael Herr is in a Chinook. Illumination Rounds is from Michael Herr’s memoir, Dispatches. As seen in the picture on the left, Herr was a military correspondent during the. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Illumination Rounds: from Dispatches by Michael Herr at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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In Illumination RoundsMichael Herr describes his experience as a war correspondent in-country during the Vietnam War.

He does so through in-depth examinations of several brief moments that take place over an indeterminate amount of time. First he accounts his experiences aboard a Chinook transport helicopter, listening to the thunder of artillery shells exploding around the aircraft, watching a young man meet his unfortunate end as a shell penetrates the helicopter, directly striking him.

Next he relates his time at the Continental Hotel, observing the men on leave, injured, scarred, permanently damaged by the war.

In doing so he conveys in an instant why it is that the Vietnam War is recalled with a particular sense of dread by the American public. It was a conflict that not only left deep physical and psychological scars on a generation of young Americans, but a conflict that brought out the worst in America’s military.


In no war illumniation to or after Vietnam did American soldiers ever take mistresses from among the local population.

In mentioning this ever so briefly, he aptly conveys why the Vietnam War is recalled with such a unique sense of dread. Finally he relates his experience listening to a cassette recording of Jimi Hendrix for the first time, while under fire in a rice paddy, and his experiences smoking marijuana illuminatioh running cans of beer to surgeons in the province hospital at Can Tho.

Insightful Insights Blog: Michael Herr’s Illumination Rounds

Michael Herr is a former war correspondent and the author of a number of works on the Vietnam War. He is perhaps best known for Dispatchesa memoir of his time in Vietnam, from which Illumination Rounds is taken.

He also micael to the screenplay of Apocalypse Nowanother classic American war film Schultz.

In addition to the fact that he is widely regarded as one of the best wartime writers of the modern era, the simple fact that he spent time in Vietnam during the American conflict there makes him a credible source for information on this time period and the event. Herr enters Vietnam during the height of the American conflict there, and is at first unfamiliar with war on a first-hand basis and overcome by a feeling of simply being an observer, playing a passive role in the events taking place around him.


Instead he is merely observing them as an outsider.

As time passes, however, Herr becomes more comfortable with the notion that he is as much a part of the Vietnam War as any enlisted Marine or Viet Illuminatiln soldier. As a result, his perspective and his writing style change over the course of Illumination Rounds.

Illumination Rounds

Using the aforementioned tactics, Herr is able to efficiently and aptly convey his message and achieve his purpose. In an essay of only a handful of pages, he manages to convey the entirety of what it was like to be an American in Vietnam during the famed conflict there. Posted by Sebastian Marino at michxel