Lady Whistledown Strikes Back A Regency Romance from Avon Books April Who Stole Lady Neeley’s Bracelet? Was it the fortune hunter, the gambler, . Who Stole Lady Neeley’s Bracelet?Was it the fortune hunter, the gambler, the servant, or the rogue? All of London is abuzz with speculation, but it is clear. Lady Whistledown is at it again in an anthology featuring couples whose paths cross at a dinner party, a ball, and a royal celebration. Though the.

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A disastrous dinner party during which a ruby bracelet goes missing—and whistlexown couples discover or rediscover their soul mates—sparks the collection. I really liked both of the characters.

The characters might pay lip service to the conventions of the day, but they flout these very lafy with little hesitation and absolutely no consequences.

But he hadn’t flirted oady asked her to dance. Oct 12, Desi rated it it was amazing Shelves: In some ways, it reminded me of a less-dark version of the book Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas.

While I found the concept behind this story touching, the events leading to the break between Max and Sophia seemed a tad immature and the story simply was not long enough to show convincing growth srrikes Max and Sophia.

She jumped, spinning away from the window, but it was already too late. Jun 29, Clare rated it liked it Shelves: Although not intended for the title his elder brother died tragically last yearLord Matson does not seem to be having difficulty assuming the mantle of man-about-town.

Lady Whistledown Strikes Back by Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins, Julia Quinn and Mia Ryan

She is ever present and snarky as usual, and her comments are spot on and enjoyable how does she ever learn such details? The earl was exceedingly handsome, and gaping at him through a window or passing by him on the way to the refreshment table was the closest she was likely to get.


What happened to and by whom is explored by four different authors: She wasn’t a ravishing beauty, of course; even without the occasional muttered commentary disparaging her height and her less than bountiful bosom, she’d seen herself often enough in the dressing mirror to know. He released her before she could have an apoplexy, turning his attention back to Charlotte.

Peter doesn’t have any money, so he needs to marry someone with a bit of a dowry, but not much However, Tillie and Peter are both wonderfully rendered. Lady Whistledown Strikes Back is a storybook. A autora tentou inovar e no final criou a mesma narrativa dos contos anteriores.

She hadn’t considered that. Sophia’s only error was in marrying Easterly twelve years ago. She’d barely talked to him and definitely didn’t have his permission to first name him.

Peter, a man of upstanding honor, doesn’t want to be labeled as a fortune hunter but neither does he want to ignore his growing desire. Return to Whistledon Page.

Heavens, what laey that described her, as well? The romance runs to the hackneyed woman who dreams of love and kids and the rake who resists them but is pretty convincing nonetheless.

Poucas vezes em minha vida de leitora dei cinco estrelas para um livro de contos. The four stories included are: I thought these short novelas were cute. Sophia e Max casaram-se jovens demais e muito apaixonados. It helped that they all occurred at the same time and place. The mystery starts in the 1st story and is only solved in the last story, so it’s better to read these novellas in order if you want to “savor” the mystery.

I don’t often enjoy short stories. Tudo nessa mulher era real, e diferente. I didn’t like the way her parents treated Charlotte Four laughing stars.


Grateful as he was that he wasn’t the topic of conversation, it strikss just a damned bracelet, for God’s sake. At times, references to the other couples can feel forced, but the authors are largely successful in piecing their hilarious and sometimes touching stories together into a delightful romantic quilt. They miss the point entirely.


My lord, this is my mother, Lady Birling.

Whatever you may think of Lord Herbert, he will not cause a scandal. I don’t think short stories work well for me. Each tale follows one pair as they tackle the obstacles to love, but the stories are skillfully interwoven to the point where they present the same encounters and relay the same dialogue from different points of view.

The attitudes of the characters, particularly Charlotte’s parents, whistledoown realistic for the time – something rare and refreshing to see.

Especially liked the last one, very emotional. But hey, we find out who stole the bracelet!

Lady Whistledown Strikes Back

No entanto em Lady Whistledo Poucas vezes em minha vida de leitora dei cinco estrelas para um livro de contos. It was a very so-so read. Discover what to read next. Strkes the first Lady W. Aug 29, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: For all he knew, she didn’t even exist. My favorite story in this anthology was written by Karen Hawkins.

He gazed down at her oval upturned face and dark eyes which bespoke her Spanish ancestry. An innocent miss who has spent her life scrupulously avoiding scandal is suddenly—and secretly—courted by London’s most notorious rogue.

Agora, ele tinha dois problemas: Besides, in all honesty, she had been gawking at Lord Matson. Sophia se casou jovem com Max whisrledown apaixonados.